📎 Contracts

Our contracts are stated here:

$XPAST: 0xD3111Fb8BDf936B11fFC9eba3b597BeA21e72724

Masterchef: 0x138c4dB5D4Ab76556769e4ea09Bce1D452c2996F

Timelock 1 (2 hours): 0x7F7Afdd8e9331dBb6928d7D33c509B78a16ba51f

Transferred Ownerships

$XPAST to Masterchef Ownership: https://ftmscan.com/tx/0xa0375f4fe5ae9223eb50101a529b5acc9d8cb5074e2823ee357ff742a8427414 $XPAST Operator to Timelock: https://ftmscan.com/tx/0x7ae5306ff1f33511e348892ea64d8052bcc8830734d39fea37df71ff4de0514f


There are 2 timelocks for our users safety!

Timelock 1 would be used to timelock the operator function on the token contract, the operator functions are things like setting no Tax addresses. Operator functions CANNOT MINT, setting it to timelock is just to make sure the community is secure to know which contracts are being whitelisted/being set to no taxation earlier on. Timelock 1 would be set at 2 hours Timelock 2 would be the timelock for Masterchef contract. This would be set at 6 hours, and later on as the project stabilizes would be set to a higher timeframe.

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