๐Ÿ’Ž Dividends

Standard Dividends

For our loyal $XPAST holders we will be releasing our 1st dividend pools 4 days after our farming begins! This dividend pool would be decided soon, but essentially would be stake $XPAST to earn alternative tokens like $FTM.

$GBOOMAS Dividend/Earning

$GBOOMAS will begin 10 days after farming has begun and will have a slightly different earning cycle. We will be setting a Burn Fee - something like a deposit fee to be able to earn $GBOOMAS. 1st Round: Burn Fee - 5%
2nd Round: Burn Fee - 10%
3rd Round: Burn Fee - 20%
4th Round: Burn Fee - 30%
5th Round: Burn Fee - 40%
6th Round: Burn Fee - 50%
The total supply of $GBOOMAS will be split into 6 rounds of distribution. Each round lasting approximately 2-3 days. The rationale and purpose of this, is to induce an increasing value aspect as well as a burning mechanism for $XPAST. Meaning simply that earning $GBOOMAS on later rounds would be more expensive, but because of the additional cost, theres a game theory opportunity of earning more $GBOOMAS as well. Example: Hypothetically, the total supply would be 60k amount of $GBOOMAS, each round would earn a maximum of 10k $GBOOMAS. Stake $XPAST for $GBOOMAS for 1st round -> Burn 5%, which means staking 100 $XPAST will burn 5 $XPAST. Which each round having an increasing Burn Fee, this makes later rounds harder to earn more $GBOOMAS.
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Standard Dividends
$GBOOMAS Dividend/Earning